How it Works

The special rubber cap replaces the traditional tip. Its distinctive design, featuring four stabilizing fins which act also as a reference for the alignment, It allows a secure grip on any type of touch screen.

compass on tablet

The transparent silicone disk replaces the classic loose, allowing the compass interaction with the touch screen technology.

Simply changing the tips you can use it in the traditional way on the paper.

changing the tips of compass

The drawing set Alecs

  • Alecs Compass in Brass, nickel
  • Alecs Compass in Brass, orange
  • Alecs Compass in Brass, blue
  • Alecs Compass in Brass, fuchsia
  • Alecs Compass in Brass, green
  • Double-use Compass *

  • Alecs Compass Fixed Brass, green
  • Alecs Compass Fixed Brass, orange
  • Alecs Compass Fixed Brass, nickel
  • Alecs Compass Fixed Brass, blue
  • Alecs Compass Fixed Brass, fuchsia
  • Double-use Compass Fixed *

    Alecs Compass Clutch Brass, nickel

    Double-use Compass Clutch Brass **

Squares from 30° and 45°
Squares from 30° and 45°

  • Pencil yellow
  • Pencil blue
  • Pencil black
  • Pencil red
  • Pencil green
  • Double-use Pencil ***

* They are also available in different fluo colors and versions (Orange, Blue, Fuchsia and Green).
** The Compass Clutch Brass is only available in nickel-plated version.
*** Available in different colors besides yellow (Blue, Black, Red and Green).

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Alecs latest innovation in the world

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Made in Palosco (ITALY) by Kronos Compassi.

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